5 apps to help you in the kitchen

With hundreds of thousands of apps available to download to your smartphone, deciding which ones you need can be a real effort. When it comes to the kitchen, you really can get a lot of help from apps, and even though you run the risk of a sticky phone, here are five apps you need at your fingertips when cooking!

Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook – This free app creates recipe ideas for the ingredients you have. All you need to do is enter some of the products you have, what type of food you want to make and you receive ideas. With more than 2,500 recipes on offer, this easy to use app has great features including step-by-step recipe instructions for making dinner.

Dinner spinner – You don’t need to gamble on what you’re having for dinner with this app. It is a popular app that makes cooking a more enjoyable and relaxing experience. Choose from the categories  (including cooking time, nutritional content and specific ingredients) and spin to find out what you’re having for dinner! With a scanner and syncing option, you can scan and add ingredients to find new recipes.

Kitchen Calculator PRO – Ever struggled knowing your litres from your pints? Kitchen maths can be a real pain during cooking but with this app measurements are now much, much easier. From conversions to scaling up, this paid app works with everything from volume to temperature to distance to weight and allows you to build a database of certain ingredients.

Toca Kitchen Monsters – Do you have kids who want to help but you’re not sure how much you should let them yet? Ease them in slowly with this app that is very popular amongst children under 10. Allowing for creativity, this is an educational app that is a lot of fun. You feed monsters and kids learn about the time it takes to prepare meals and why some things taste different.

Jamie’s Meals – Of course the TV celebrity chef has an app. His charming personality mixed with functional recipes, have made him a global name. Not only that but he’s worked on various humanitarian projects. With this app you get tools and inspiration at your fingertips. The app itself is free but most of the useful features are paid for. There are videos, a responsive shopping list and a library of recipes for your every need!

These are five of the best for help in the kitchen. Other apps that are worth a mention include the ‘Serving Sizer Recipe Converter’, ‘Food on the table’ to organise groceries and ‘Green Kitchen’ which is all about healthy recipes. Now it’s time to start downloading, find ideas and get cooking up a storm in your kitchen thanks to these awesome apps!